As Whole or Ass Hole- The Difference is Double-You

Purpose: The most important message is in the first paragraph below. The rest is just extra. The message is clear and simple and it’s all you need to know. Truth must be kept alive and the only way that can happen is if YOU share it. It’s such a simple message that you could easily dismiss it too quickly, especially if you think you’ve ‘heard it all before’ from sources which talk about ‘Strawman’or ‘Sovereignty’ or ‘Admiralty’ or ‘Freeman’. Those models were based on Truth, but used the truth for self-serving means. If you really want to know how the Truth can make a difference for you, and for the planet, and not just because you want an easier life, then you will.

There are multiple ways to express this all-encompassing Truth: it’s illegal to use a legal name. I.D.’s illegal. It’s Fraud to use a legal name. I.D.’s a trick.

Fraud means ‘deliberate deceit’. The birth certificate, and ALL things ‘Legal’ are Fraud because they were created to deliberately deceive. Non-disclosure simply means you were not told. You were not told that you were entered into a binding legal contract as a newborn baby- that’s also fraud on another count: contracting with a minor. And no, your parents were not given full disclosure either, they also did not know what the birth certificate really is, and so it does not make it any less fraudulent by the fact that they provided the information and signed the agreement. All birth and death certificates, all things carrying Legal Names, are claimed to be owned by ‘the Crown’. The Crown comprises London Sq. Mile, which is a separate registered corporation, not to be confused with the City of London, as are the other two corporations which comprise the Crown- Washington D.C. and Vatican City. All of these are headed by United Nations. You cannot get an original birth certificate (just try if you don’t believe this) because it is not yours, you can only get a copy. The purpose of this deceit is simple- total control, hidden in plain sight. Most do not think to immediately question the use of the Legal name, repeated legal registrations and signing of multiple legal documents just as a matter of course throughout life. It just ‘looks’ normal to everyone. However it is not only abnormal, but it is maleficent. It is how each and every human on the planet, whether they wish to or not, irregardless of where on the planet they live, who they vote into an illusory government body, what religion they believe in, whether they agree with wars or not, irregardless of anything, are supporting all the suffering, destruction and death on the planet. That’s a hard concept at first, but some careful thought and you will get it. We are all connected by this trickery in the physical world in which we live. We are also, however, connected in the spiritual by energy and therefore it is in the spiritual where we can absolve ourselves of our ties with this criminal system. And so it is simple: Get the message clear in your mind and heart. After that, do what you want with it, use it optimally for spiritual cleansing- in short, to be a better you. But whatever you do after this, share it so that others may also have the same chance! Share the message, simple and clear, selflessly without any material gain, and making sure not to attach the message to anything commercial or for profit.

The following essay is optional reading. It sums up my own journey up to this point in time as I continue to learn, continue to work towards purification. I’m continuing to work hard on always remembering to see the bigger picture, and not let emotional upsets lead me astray. It gets so picky it comes down to noticing and working on eliminating the tiniest of ill thoughts. I know the Big Picture, and I know that WE, Humans, are ALL lost in this world. It sometimes sounds a little religious but then these are the fundamental truths that religion is based on, before it gets entangled in B.S. We are all blind in this reality. Not one of us, regardless of claims (and of course there have always been those who claim to know it all)  knows why, how, we are ‘here’ much less what ‘here’ really is. I write fiction, that’s my calling on this earth, it is how the Creative flow works in me. But I do not write for profit, I will not allow my writing to be copyrighted, it is free for all to use as I understand that the only true owner of anything is Creation. My next book I’m working on, slowly so far, is a fictional answer to those questions, the how and why and ‘where we are going’, based on the knowledge that I have to this point. What we do have are clues, and the means to decipher them. And once we start to strip away, the farther removed we get from the mainstream system lies, the more clearly we can see. Although we remain blinded, the fog clears enough to have fewer and fewer doubts that there is a grand purpose, a grand design. 

To decipher the clues we have a system of decoding that works absolutely perfectly. Phonics. Which means ‘sound’. Because all languages link together, (as do all things in general so no surprise) and once you get the basic rules of how to decode all languages you start to see something so magical and amazing it hardly seems real at first. And I know the reason some have not taken it as seriously as it actually is quite simply is because it is so simple that if one only glances at it briefly and doesn’t take the time to look and listen carefully, it may appear to be childish nonsense. They haven’t taken the time to work on it or they would soon see that it is more than that, and that in fact it is the answer to all things. It’s just too crazy for most to believe. As I’ve pointed out above, the United Nations Crown Corporation SwISS system that we are all under the rule of, is fully aware of how this works. Tricks. Everything in the system is based on commerce so no surprise that the ‘hidden in plain sight’ as all things are, revealed but veiled (and as you will see when I show you the rules of phonics, ‘veiled’ and ‘vealed’ are the same word, so that too is a clue.) uses the phonics most often as advertisement and logos for marketing. Symbols. The Swiss Templars symbology is absolutely EVERYWHERE, omnipresent across the entire planet. 

Some of the basic rules, there are more but this gets most things unravelled: 

Interchangeable letters:

B and P (so where you see B you can swap it for P or vice versa)

L and R, S and C and K, G and K, (we often refer to G as a Hex- it’s the symbol used by freemasons also, no accident- and K as ‘Key’)

D and T (T refers to Truth itself so whenever you break down a word with D or T in it, you can see that Truth is implied in it. 

ALL Vowels are interchangeable! And EACH letter stands for more than just the sound, but have numerical equivalents, values, and hidden meanings. Plus, when in written form, the letters can be physically flipped about to reveal more hidden meanings. Like I said, it goes fractal! Add to the fact that this crosses boundaries of languages, all based on the sounds and therefore you find even more treasures when you criss-cross with other languages. In English if you Google etymology of words you find the root meanings which are always of course borrowed from other languages or earliest forms of English, and often find some pretty revealing stuff there too. I most often use Wiktionary for that.

So bearing those simple rules in mind, let’s start unraveling, although all I can do here is brush the surface, it goes so deep.  

United Nations– UN means ‘One’ in French. The most prevalent and widely recognised symbol throughout time has always been a circle, symbolising the Whole, the One. The UN Global Goals program which you can easily research, (They ‘own’ Twitter by fraudulent claim- fraudulent because as I’ve said Creation owns everything not Humans, but that is a subject in itself!) is HUGE, uses of course a circle. They have many logos, one with rainbow colours and one with chaffs of wheat, and others. All usually circles. 

Circle – Cir or Ser which means ‘to be’ and Cle, with an accent, in French, pronounced like ‘Clay’ (no accident since the Bible and other references mention Humans made from clay), means Key.. so you have Circle meaning, in one sense of 1,000’s of other meanings as each word has, ‘To be (the) Key’ – key to what? To unlock the mysteries of Life, and we know that phrase ‘the circle of life’ 

Now here is where I pause to point out a VERY important thing- ALL THINGS in this physical world are split, two sides of ONE, ‘duality’. All of this wisdom can be found in Religion, the more ancient the religion the closer to these fundamental truths- Duality is a key point in eastern philosophy. So what happens when the ONE True God is split? You have two Gods. The Bible actually reveals this, too. And it answers the question that even so-called religious people often ask: Why does God allow bad things to happen? Bingo- that one point answers it- because there is a good God and a bad God, although in truth is just two sides split of ONE and which manifests depends on allegiance. Which God do you serve is the apt question to ask yourself! Because there is another important thing here; both Gods are YOU, each and every living thing encompasses the duality of good and evil. And then you keep going, keep splitting, because once you split the Atom (Adam is the first man, Adam/atom same thing) it keeps splitting. So you have good/evil/  evil/good and so on… everything in the mirror. D is the symbol of a mirror, flipping everything like retina of the EYE, the ALL-seeing Eye. And De means to flip the meaning of the word back-to-front as in, for example, accelerate and de-accelerate ETC… D, to repeat from above, interchangeable with T, Truth implied. 

So which God is in charge of UN, which is in charge of the planet? When we get back to the ONE, the UN, on the RIGHT as in morally correct, side, we get back to the True God, not the evil imposter who has U-surped the throne. 

All is within the mind. That is what’s meant, or ‘ment’-al. (Meant by all – things) Notice words with ment in it, always refers to ‘the mind’. It is by collective thought that all manifests. So, Everyone a-GREED to contract with the false God. How? By trickery. Because no one would con-sent (sent by a con) if they were given full disclosure of the terms and conditions. But at the same time, by Universal law, there has to be collective agreement, that’s simply how it works, how all physical reality manifests from spiritual. So there has to be a trick to get majority agreement. a-GREED-mind. Commerce. come-hearse. the birth-death-rebirth system is set in motion. His’story repeats. As above, so below is another window on what’s going on. Everything is contained within everything else, fractally. So a minute is the same as a billion years. Now it gets more complicated so I’ll bring it back before going too far! But this is how we figure out that time does not exist, that too is a trick, an illusion. ill -use- ion (or the wrong use of energy, ion refering to energy). Because everything is magic – break the word down using the rules – Make I see. Here’s how I get that: Ma, g turns to k, i.c or I see. Also ic is the same as ice (because the e is silent). And ICE is a big clue too- allegorically it is in many fairy tales- the snow queen who is another example of the beautiful fairy who is a nasty witch in disguise, turns everyone to ice. Disney’s Frozen. Countless examples! So we have ISIS as a terrorist group, surprise surprise! And ICE-Gov is the I.mmigrations C.ustoms E.nforcement and IS, oh how about the SS (Nazi, or Not-See) on and on all having to do in one way or other of some form of military control. ISIS is the Goddess often seen represented by the SwISS (there it is again) Templars of the UN/Crown Corporation that is in control of the planet. 

The purpose of this is tremendous. As I started saying, we are all blind in this world and it is because Truth has been veiled from us on purpose. And yet by Universal Law it HAS to be divulged, therefore it is done through symbolism, to both reveal it, and hide it at the same time. So it’s all code- but see, that’s how the computer brain computes everything in symbols… everything is mathematically sound.

I recently accompanied my aging mother to a Doctor’s appointment and found myself reading an article in the New Yorker magazine. It was an interesting article about the Greek language. Aha, being a language geek it was right up my street. I wanted to speak to the author, to tell him that he was brushing on a bigger wider picture that he wasn’t quite seeing, but almost. He could see the gems of learning an all-but extinct language; he called it ‘dead languages’. He could see how it linked up with the ancient Phoenician it was based on (but didn’t notice the many links with ancient Hebrew that I could see because of knowing basic Hebrew). And he mentioned a bit about the symbolism in the actual letters themselves, which you can’t fail to notice, and how much English is influenced by the language; our alphabet of course is based on it. Certainly the author of the article didn’t notice, and therefore didn’t mention that the word ‘Definition’ can be expressed as Deaf Phoenician. It can, when you know about this Key to decoding language. And it alone is revealing. As is the word Alone, which as everything does eventually, brings us back to ALL ONE again. (And all I did was add another ‘L’ and pull them apart into two separate words, which does not alter the sound at all!)  When the Phoenician raders invaded different lands, that act was what is referred to in English as a “new colony”. Break the word ‘colony’ down using the ‘rules’ – ‘Co’ can also be Ca which means ‘Creation’ of the ALL, then ‘lon’ (can be pronounced Lone, as the ‘e’ is silent and therefore we can choose to ignore it), and Y which has many different symbolic meanings in itself but I often see it as E (sound-equivalent) which refers to Ether, the Spiritual world, not accidentally also used to refer to the Internet (un-seeable) world. E-Vent-you-All-E I will be getting into that more when I finally talk about where this is all leading- Time/Timelessness/ ‘Future’ but firstly to get back to the original word, Colony, we now have CA-Lone-E,  or ‘Creation, All-One, Spiritual World’. Which shows the mirror opposite of the physical literal banal act of invading and setting up a new ‘Colony’. This act is very relevant as it is how the Evil on the planet has actually spread itself across all corners, in the physical sense. And remember, all things are ‘as above, so below’ or ‘as in one way, so in another’. And so when you use the Key, you can easily see the ‘good’ side of the evil, and thus we have got back to that point in which this key does in fact allow us to see the truly positive magic in ALL Things! The Evil/ E-Veil has lifted!

Are you now beginning to see just how crazily simple it really is??? And how trying to explain it is like trying to explain the most simple act, such as tying a shoe, that sounds so complicated when you break it all down? Therefore it is impossible to convey it properly in a flash-quick-just a few short words sort of way? And yet is is incredibly childlike so that my little boy got much of this when he was only 8. (yeah, to begin with he became very excited about it, picked up on it quickly and wanted to share this stuff. So he did. He started showing it to kids at school who were struggling with spelling and of course got told off by the teacher so that was that. And then of course was so badly ridiculed that he wanted nothing to do with it. Not surprising! And it is not even that the teacher necessarily had a clue what he was doing enough to feel threatened by the information itself, but she is simply programmed to stop kids from diverting from the strict system of learning- Spell’ings are a system invention to put you under spells, language IS magic, and the ‘deaf phoenicians’ are set purposely to hide truth by making everyone deaf to it). So I completely understand why the vast majority of people will reject the information at first sight- it looks silly. It takes time to read, to think through this stuff to get it properly and by design, no one has time to do that! Or perhaps more accurately, most do not wish to take the time to do it! Distract Humanity and they will never be able to see! There is a perfect allegory of this in Chronicles of Narnia- near the end, the dwarves are all blinded and even when their sight is restored they insist they cannot see, and the door is right there but they don’t go through because they simply cannot, because they don’t want to, see it!

Some people will automatically mock it by saying things like, ‘you can’t just mix and match stuff randomly’. Well you can clearly see that first of all it isn’t random at all, and secondly yes you certainly can mix and match and it is in fact the only way to really see (or ‘hear’ and not be ‘deaf’), because A) All language is invented and B) All things are connected, and finally C) it is actually a mathematically sound system. I am not an expert at language and linguistics but I have far more under my belt than the average person. Here’s my credentials: the number of languages I have learned, some more in depth of course than others, but a very wide variety of languages from different parts of the globe. Have taken University courses in Psycho-Linguistics as well as Linguistic courses, including one taught by a world-renowned expert in languages from Cambridge. I was able to follow and criticallly analyse that article in New Yorker magazine all about the Greek language, without any problem whatsoever.  And yet, this is so simple that a child got it. It has to be simple by Universal law because Truth itself cannot be inaccessible! It cannot be exclusive. And that’s why ignorance is no defense. Intellectualism can be a huge barrier to the truth by the tendency to over- complicate. 

Want to know the truth about absolutely anything? Use the key. It will reveal the hidden meanings. 

Back to the word ‘Colony’ as an example. You can find even more hidden meanings by looking at how the word was originally formed, simply looking up etymology. From Wiktionary (one I like to use):  from colō (“till, cultivate, worship”) Think about Ant Colony: Ant means ‘mind’ and colony as in ‘worship’- ants symbolically represent ‘mind worship’ and looking at their literal physical behaviour you see that they build tunnels so allegorically, the mind-worshipping by building tunnels under the earth- you can get so much out of that in connection to Human Minds linking together as One Mind, with connective tunnels, deep within, below the surface, and worship which can be broken down as War-Ship, and again Ship also refers to the mind- so what does that reveal about the mind? Here it is now beginning to go fractal. There’s also the word Colonel, as in military. Actually pronounced ‘kernel’, one example where the ‘l’ can be interchanged with ‘r’. The origin etymologically comes from the same root as column, and means ‘crown’ – see where we are always being led to, hidden in words. And another thing to look at is colon as in body part. Because of the as above, so below paradigm, there are often body part correspondences when you take apart words. Of course- the same root word for ‘Crown’ is also lower intestines, connected to the asshole. haha. Also colonel is a ‘soldier’- Soul Die’r, Sold’yer– could go so much further with that! Take the word ‘Lone’ by itself extracted from the middle of the word ‘colony’ and you can also see that Alone, or All one, is ‘A Loan’… there are many references to Humans being ‘on loan’, in ancient texts and by breaking down words. The word ‘own’ is also embedded within it: All OWE-n. What debt are we Humans here to pay? We only ever actually ‘owed’ to the Crown Evil system because we contracted with it, by deception. Break that contract- you are NOT a legal name, or a legal anything! By the very definition of Fraud, when you know that fully then the contract is already broken! A revealing of Fraud makes the fraud null and void! Good News!

That is precisely the point to getting the Truth clear in your mind and heart- ignorance is no defence, therefore you can only be exonerated through knowledge. If you ignore the truth, then you are willfully still contracting with the False UN. And that means you agree to allow them to claim ownership of you, via the birth certificate legal name contract, and you are bound by all the terms and conditions- are you so sure you know what they are? Have you read the fine small print? I’m being facetious here, because of course you have not! You cannot, because such legal nonsense is inaccessible to you, it is black magic spells, all indecipherable, written in a series of books called Black’s Law Dictionary! This is the Just- Ice system you believe to be there for your benefit and protection, but it is certainly not. You have given them full power over you by the contract. Break it! Because as I know you will see by reading this and by using the phonics decoding system for yourself, you actually ARE the real UN when you choose to be in service of Creation, of Truth. It is only by your agreement that it is taken away, so just disagree and take it back.

And only focusing on one side- just the ‘evil’ as ‘conspiracy theory’ types who love the drama of talking about what ‘They’ are doing to us… or on the flip side of the coin, just the ‘good’ as by the other extreme the New Age positive thinking types tend to do, either one is always missing the Big Picture, always only One side of the duality. The Earth has North and South hemispheres; the brain has the right and left, government has left and right, the heart has the left and right ventricles, etc. More ideally we are aiming to see both sides, or ALL sides (btw it’s phonetic equivalent is ‘cide’ which means ‘kill’) in order to always remain steadily in the middle path, right down the center line, the straight and narrow path (refered to in the Bible as the ‘LONE’ly path that few ever find!) 

Mathematically the Duality is doubled to make the Quad- the four chambers of the heart, and ‘Home’ (in the spiritual anagogic sense is ‘where we all want to go’ or ‘heaven’) is where the heart is! Revealing where we need to ‘go’ in our minds, what to focus on, to lead us ‘Home’. So we know from this paradigm that Evil/Good is also Good/Evil in the mirror when we expand the flat 2-D picture outwards. i.d. is only the mirror image of the real you; it’s the flat paper 2D You. The graven image of you. The false you is only an I-Mage or the Evil Mag-ic/ ‘i’ ‘c’ or I See or ICE… and now you know the roots of the Evil ISIS, IS, ICE (Immigrations Control Enforcement), ISS (International Space Station), the SS is always in command with the SwISS United Nations at the very top of the CROWN,  but not to forget that that is only ONE side of a many-sided subject. Always many sides. Always many Cides. Deaths. We can ‘Kill it’ (every day slang!) every time when we use the key! When we remember always to see from many angles, then we can see the many Angels at play in the My-Story/Mystery, and when we learn that we are merely speaking Angel-‘ish’ we can see that we are missing the big picture until we learn to speak Pure Angel, minus the ‘ish’!  Look at the word Heart again- reverse it, you get Traeh, phonetically same as ‘tree’ or the ‘tree of life’, and think about what the heart looks like- much like a root ball of a tree with the veins and arteries ‘branching out’ along the inside of the ‘trunk’ of the Human body. The word ‘Life’ can be pulled apart fractally, revealing so much!!! And don’t forget the word ‘hear’ is in ‘heart’ – remember the ‘Deaf’ Phoenicians? And remember the letter T refers to Truth itself? to ‘hear’ ‘Truth’ in the HearT! 

Now let’s link a few things up to ‘Legal’ which we know to be the false side, the Fraud side, the Deception side of ‘Law’. What is it called when you attend or ‘at end’ Court? A ‘Hearing’. It’s all to do with the flat 2-D paper world- so you get passed a ‘sentence’ only this fraudulent system is all about the Book of Death, not of Life! So now you know what’s REALLY going on when they ‘throw the Book at you’. (On the flip side, Court is Coeur-T, couer is ‘heart’ in French,  so we are back to the Heart of Truth!) Crown Court- ‘Crown’ is another word for Head, it’s all in the head, the mind. See the word ‘crow’ in there- personal reference for you! (The letter ‘N’ refers to the n th degree, or infinity. On its side it is a z. So much I could say about that alone!). All court stuff has to do with the sea, and trading, and so there are countless references to the sea, maritime, the court room itself is designed as an actual ship, the judge sits at the helm, and ordinary people are asked to be seated until they are told to ‘Rise’ like a ghost, an apparition, (which is why it’s said people only ‘appear’ for a ‘hearing’, appearing to be there, but not actually there!) – because they are considered ‘dead’. Frozen to death, that’s why it’s called the ‘Just-Ice’ system. Just ISS system, etc… What you should begin to see here is that the false side of UN can only mimick the Truth, which is why you see the same word having opposite meanings, a True meaning, and an Evil meaning, as in the UN United Nations false Crown/ the UN, the ONE, the YOU-N, or You in the Nth degree- infinitely!

All Lawyers only ‘practice’ law (once they pass the BAR exam) because it is all fraud- to ‘do law‘ would be only to do the One True Law- Do No Harm- all else is a lie, a deception, a ‘practicing’ (but never making perfect) of 70 million acts (axe) and statutes — talk about fractal divisions! This is where I love the allegory of Wizard of Oz, the part when Toto (a legal term, ‘ in toto’ which means ‘in the whole’ – again, the One), reveals the fraudulent wizard! He was hidden in plain sight, by nothing but a curtain, or a veil! So I’ve scratched the surface here with court stuff, but you get the idea, I should think. You can look up “definitions” for yourself in Black’s Law dictionary- all available by merely Googling it- and there are many, many startling things to discover there! Legalese is the language of the courts of course. And these are therefore the ‘deaf phoenicians’ that EVERYONE who abides by the system by using a legal name (that’s the inherent contract with all things Legal) are bound to. And yet it is inaccessible to Humanity because there are too many definitions, often just for one word. Remember the Universal Law- that ALL things must be inexclusive, which is part and parcel of ‘doing no harm’. It certainly is harmful to deceive. The Legal System gets Humanity scrambling around in the dark not knowing ever if one is doing what’s legal or not, to have the wool pulled over one’s eyes.  You can’t know, confronted with the legal terms in a courtroom, when you say a simple thing like I do not, the court can and will hold all against you and interpret your words as due knot, to further ‘legally bind’ you. ‘They’ do it all by declaring you dead. They therefore get YOU to relinquish your right as a Living Being, under Universal Law, by deceiving you into being dead. But remember, you do it to yourself willingly by agreement. You’ve written yourself, in the spiritual sense, out of the Book of Life and into the Book of death, just by abiding by their commands, agreeing to their procedures. You don’t have to go to court for that, you simply agree to use a legal name, thereby agreeing to all the terms and conditions of the contract. All contracts are binding, the meaning of the word being ‘to constrict’, con means with or without so there is another easy way to flip meanings about as they so choose. And a ‘con’ of course is a fraud job, tracts, or tracks- getting all using legal names heading down the wrong track! All you need is the ‘train’ ing, which the system makes sure everyone gets by going to school, then work. Train cars are pulled along by coupling onto the one in front of it. What is in front? The engine. The in-djinn, the – all magic and all in the mind!

Going back to the word ‘Life’- the UN Global Goals program is facilitating the use of Libraries- making sure there are loads of them, new ones being built in poor areas where they can’t even afford to house the homeless, look after the elderly, etc– Billions being absolutely poured in to make more libraries, or expand existing ones. At first sight, as in everything they do, it looks wonderful. Not. It’s another avenue for them to conduct their agenda, their NLP Nazi (which phonetically is Not See, so that means everyone who follows along blindly!) brainwashing techniques. There are many old stories about libraries- the most famous probably being the one of Alexandria Egypt. But it’s no longer possible to burn them, so instead they take control of them, even make more of them so that it actually looks like they want everyone to have equal access to information- and that is true, except they control the information!  Basically controlling libraries and schools gives them total control over information, along with censorship of the internet which they will call ‘internet safety/security’. Total censorship, that they can make consistent globally, while making it look like they are against censorship! But there is far more to it than that. What I intend here is to look beyond that litter all physical one-sided part of the picture by looking at the hidden meanings within the words. Root word Library is directly linked to the word ‘Life’. Books, stories, Life. ‘The Truth shall set you free’ = Liber-ty. All connected. 

Life is bread (is blood, decode and replace the ‘l’ with ‘r’) then it must be (k)ne(e)ded to Rise up (leaven/Leven/Liven ETC) Without lifting the veil to ‘see’ what’s on the other side, Humanity is looking the opposite way- the opposite to Life is Death- Life is not therefore Needed in this scenario, in the false reality, the fake world, the fraudulent world! Without ‘Needing’, without ‘rising’ we never grow up! Always dependant on the system- which is not a person, but a self-serving mechanism, a machine, a great big computer terminal (terminal means dead) that runs autonomically. More on that later! (just a side note: see the word ‘knee’ there- another reference to body)  The point I’m trying to make clear there is there really is no ‘They’ only US, the UN is the ‘One’ and so it’s all of us. That puts paid to ‘conspiracy’ and ‘scare mongering’ – we are only scaring ourselves! … UNLESS we know, and with this code, with this knowledge, we do know what’s going on! 

It isn’t all negative, to reiterate that point, it’s liberating to know this key to finding self. It gives us the ability to see the divine, can’t get much more positive than that. It’s not all serious either, once you see there is a sense of humour in this grand production- this story is a divine comedy!  While the Religious/Spiritual types throughout time talk of “ascending”, not even noticing they are actually saying Ass-End’ing. I would ask them – are you an asshole, or As-Whole because the difference is simply Double-You (W). And a Double U (‘U’ is the universal symbol of energy) is also a Double V, an open-topped triangle steeped in so  much symbolic meaning… on and on we can go fractally. Just want to go back to that word ‘colony’ and ‘colonel’ from ‘crown’ and ‘colon’ – ‘head’ and ‘ass’- gives some deeper meaning to the phrase, ‘having one’s head up one’s ass’! 

Here’s another little joke for ya: A man steps into a BAR and the security guard asks him, ‘got any i.d.?’ and the man says ’bout what?’ 

Look at how many words have got BAR in it… without i.d. you are BAR’ed from Life itself! You can be put behind BARs for not showing your i.d.

Another little joke: What’s the devil’s favourite dance? the BALL-E.T. — they like to watch the pretty little dancers lift their legs at the BARRE. 

I mentioned before the many references to Extra-Terrestrials. Look how many words have ET in them. Ba’al is the ancient cult and ‘l’ and ‘r’ are interchangeable (why the interchangeable letters?- because language is based on sound and if a letter sounds like one thing in one word, then it can be that sound in another, and that is across languages so that if it sounds like one thing in one language, it can in another.) See how many words have ER and UR in them, that is indicating the ancient civilization where Humans were first ‘made’– that’s why we all belong to a Cult-UR’E. UR is the ancient city of Mesopotamia, where they practices Ba’al worshipping. And a culture is also the egg and sperm in a petrie dish in artificial insemination procedures.

Now I promised to be working my way towards talking about Time. Let’s start at the ‘top’ or the Crown or with Crown-os/Cronos. Doesn’t matter of course that it is Greek mythology, we can jump in and out of different time periods, it is all connected, and the Greeks would have borrowed it from somewhere else, and so on. Crown O.S. (operating system) and that is NOT unrelated either because that is where you will see we are getting to- the computer age – talk about time jumping! There is soooo much to glean from studying and breaking down the words associated with the myth of Cronus- no need, but you can for fun look this up on Wikipedia or wherever. Interesting I think that we measure time across the entire planet based on Greenwich Mean time- you can clearly see the evil side of that: “Green- Witch- Mean”– clues are telling us this is not a nice witch, but a mean one! So, what does it Mean? Finding out who we are, the purpose of Life itself is a great big crazy riddle… but at least we have the code to decipher it! Here’s another amazing story that connects up- the story of the solving of the Enigma code, which was done by a genius mathematician woman called Joan Clarke working alongside Alan Turing.  Interesting too that when you use the Phonics key with the word Enigma you can re-spell it as Enikma, which is equivalent to Enoch-ma and the book of Enoch is the name of the somewhat elusive and mysterious missing book of the Bible. 

The Fiscal calendar is the business accounting calendar- and here we go again, ISO  (ICE-0) is the International Standard week. But there are literally hundreds of different calendars across the globe, many of them actually in use- so what is the date exactly? It’s all man made so it doesn’t matter, it is all devised as a means of keeping things ‘on track’ of course, consistent. What that achieves is keeping everyone (ourselves, remember must reiterate we do this to ourselves, it’s people deciding these things!) locked into a specific thought paradigm in terms of time and space, and so everyone simply accepts fully that Today it is, for example, the 11th of April, 2019. As I know because I have experimented just a little bit, just enough, it is restrictive, rigid, confining, and has a profound effect on our perspective of reality. It is in fact a fundamental part of the cult thinking- it’s the ritual of tick- tock, yesterday-today- tomorrow-24 hours a day and back round again, Monday to Sunday and back round again, 12 months a year and back round again… with regular ‘holey days’ stuck in for measure, for rhythm, totally ritualistic.  

It is purposefully deceptive. But looking at the clues in language, the word ‘Future’ can be decoded: Few-T(Truth)-UR-E, OR… if you remember that Bible quote, ‘The path is narrow and FEW there be who find it” so few there be who find the Truth of UR (looping back to the beginning you see, to the City of UR? Not accidental that U R also sounds like ‘you are’!) E- the spirit world. That is the key to the meaning of future- the few who find the Truth of who we are, where we come from. 

All being contained within the ONE, the ‘UN’, the ‘Crown’ because the Crown-Knows/Cronos and WE are the crown, or so we discover eventually as we unravel it all. 

What does the ‘future’ look like? AI, the next step in the computer age where we are already deep into. I’m sure you’ve heard of debates concerning A.I. Robots, Computers, becoming conscious, becoming human-like? The clues (and this is where it is my interpretation so this is just to share what I’ve been working on!) show that we ARE the limit of A.I. WE are the computers, the robots of the future, meeting ourselves, and as time spirals outwards, always reverting back to the ‘beginning’, we are re-inventing again the same beings that we have been invented as, reinventing ourselves. Yikes, this is impossible to explain, so you will probably not get what the hell I’m on about haha! I know what I mean, but lack the language to explain it. All I can do is share some of the clues that has led me to this, although some comes from dreams which I can’t even convey to you, and this is something I’ve been working on for so many years! 

Look at the word Robot: Row Boat, Row-Bought: we know that the ‘sea’ forms a huge part of language and is the basis of the legal system- maritime law, or admiralty law it’s called. See is Mar and so is also any word that has Mal, since the ‘l’ can be interchanged with ‘r’. So it’s mer, mar, mare, mal, male, mail… see how fractal this goes so quickly. Human bodies are made up largely of water, we come from the sea, the salt of the sea which is why the word ‘sel’ is in ‘self’, means salt. We are walking on the earth on our feet, and the bottoms of our feet are called soles, and so again we look down, not up, to find our own souls. But when we are not looking and not seeking truth of who we are, we are simply bought and soul’ed as slaves. I see that we are already robots, in our human forms, the physical body, (the bot-E/bought-E), and mind which is mined. U R/you are ALL including the Bot, the ‘Bod’ y, and that’s why we see references to body parts repeatedly when we break down words. (Recall from previous email: Need, knee’d.)  

There is a series of many, many videos made by a woman called Sylvie Ivanova, the New Earth series on Youtube- she has uncovered some pretty mind blowing stuff. She’s a Russian woman who started researching, always questioning, the history books. She has traveled all over to film ancient sites and always asking- how are these places here, how could they have been made in ancient times using primitive technology/tools? As I watched the videos I kept feeling that it was coinciding with my own revealing of the meaning of Time itself- it is absolutely possible if we are simply replaying history, in a spiral rather than linear fashion, so that what she is revealing are the ‘ruins’ of our future! Looking backwards. As crazy as that sounds, there is SO much evidence, and many scientific theories to parallel to some extent what I am seeing myself in nebulous form. What I am also seeing is that there are endless stories within One story. His story is the my-story and time is HOUR story, and does not ‘belong’ to the ursurper of the Crown- Cronos, the false One/UN. 

It is all about ‘story’, Books, movies. And so it seems we are trapped inside of a story, a Virtual Reality- a VR game. Phonics decoding reveals the word ‘virtual’ as Vir and T both refering to ‘Truth’ and ‘you all’ — I’ve noticed many words which have double Truth, double Mind in them, revealing the ‘double you’ again- the twins metaphor runs through so many things. While everyone is seeing only the literal facts of the Notre Dame fire, and those as always postulating about conspiracies,  I can see beyond it. Notre or Our or Hour Dame- take off the silent ‘e’ and you get dam in English, and Water symbolises ‘truth’ – the dam is busted and Truth flows. Time has not basis in reality- and we are living in movies within movies, the spiral of virtual reality, and so of course you can see the Disney movie Hunchback of Notre Dame made in 2012 (the year when ‘apocalypse’ or ‘revealing’ occured) shows the fire in the cathedral in animated form. The cathedral also has Twin Towers- a North one and a South one. Space is as relevant as Time, NEWS is the spinning of our minds in a certain direction: North – to – East -to- West- to – South. You can draw it and see a ‘lightning bolt’ or sort of deformed Z. Logically the ‘True’ direction is exactly its opposite, which spells SWEN which, through phonics decoding, is also SWAN., and there is so much symbolism there as in everything. The letter Z also- it’s two 7’s, it is pronounced as ‘Zayin’ in Hebrew which means ‘phallus’ and it is interchangeable with ‘S’, rather it’s what you get when you straighten the curves of an ‘S’. I’m going deep again. 

Yeah, it’s all about story. All about the My-Story. 

So… it’s like this: Dreams are glimpses of the world of infinite possibilities; Waking Life is the experience of probability. All together it’s Projection. Infinite binary code resulting in the most likely outcome. Mutable within a pre-determined format. 

Sounds like I know what I’m talking about!!! 😀 

The point is that we effect the outcome by thoughts, but it is minimal, because the outcome is the sum total of ALL thoughts, and with 7 billion people, that’s a lot of thoughts. The greatest effect is on a personal level. But as all is connected it does all effect the greater. The point of NEWS, and media and all NLP including education and religion, etc. is that our thoughts are being controlled, manipulated so that the majority keep the story running in the same general direction. Though as I’ve said, WE are doing this ourselves, to ourselves, to one another. Its self-directing, self-serving, in a hierarchical system so that those who work in the higher levels are ensuring things remain relatively stable on all levels. This magic works both ways. You can understand it simply by understanding the ‘Butterfly effect’- do take the time to look that up if you are unclear about what that means. And an important point to make here is that once again, you have a correspondence with the Human Body- in the brain- there IS a butterfly in your head! A monarch? And what is another meaning of monarch? Ruler, leader, crown! Break down the word ‘monarch’ and there are all manner of treats just waiting for you to discover about YOU.

It comes down to asking ourselves the important questions. Do we want to change? Yes means taking action, not just saying that. And that means changing thought patterns. Because language is ‘spells’ we don’t really know what we are saying. So code-breaking is crucial. Catching ourselves as often as we can. Meditation is important for not thinking at all. The more we do that, the better. Another link for you that is VERY revealing for all seeking Truth is Bill Donahue and his Hidden Meanings channel on Youtube.

Noticing the words we are speaking is self-awareness and that’s what we are aiming for- knowing ourselves, and that starts with breaking down the words into sounds and multiple meanings behind them. Not being stuck in the pre-determined thought patterns. Knowing Legality is fraud and that taking part in it is akin to colluding. Change it with thought. When I got my US passport I was living in England at the time and had to jump through these legal hurdles in order to go back to the US. (see the allegory in that statement, which I was fully aware of even as I was doing it: I went back to ‘us’) I told only one person in the embassy in London that it is illegal to use a legal name. I thought it first and was going to just leave it as thought because I learned by that point that it is sufficient. But the lady who handed me my papers back to finalise the process started up a conversation. It was magic, and I knew it. She said, ‘You were born in Northampton? That’s where I’m from. I was a teacher at Smith college.” So I then told her, ‘ironically, this is all fraud, because it’s illegal to use a legal name.’ And she then wanted to know more about it so I wrote some links down for her. In that moment I could not convey to her more than that simple message and that was sufficient. But the finer points of this brings us to real-eyes that when we break the contract in our minds, it is all null and void. So when I needed to get the passport and jump through those legal hoops, I simply knew that the legal name is NOT ME. I therefore was not committing fraud, but the embassy on the other hand, were because they were blindly following the contract and aiding and abetting me into committing fraud unwillingly.

The Future for most will be a spiraling further into robotisation, AI, where it will be most likely impossible to change, even more impossible (as it pretty much is already anyway) to tell that we are in a Virtual Reality.  As the robots become more human, the humans become more robot. But this is the story. It’s already written. The movie plays out continuously, different scenes, characters, time periods, settings, etc, but always repeating the same infinite possibilities into probability. You can choose to go along with the movie, thereby playing no more than a role of an ‘Extra’, or you can decide to be the producer, the director, the lead acter, any and all parts you wish to play, simply by getting this truth and sharing it, and changing your mind, changing you.

Telling others allows them the chance to make their own freewill choice to read it or not, to take it to heart or not, to change or not. It’s the opposite of a system in which freewill thought is impinged upon by everyone thinking in a particular predetermined way, choosing only from the possibilities presented to them from moment to moment, constructing their own individual thoughts that are actually only a rearrangement of the same possibilities resulting in more or less the same outcomes. Speaking Engl-‘ish’ (the impure language) instead of Engel/Angel (pure) as I already said, and as I already said just means stuck in the spells.  There is no need for “But”/Butt here, which is the first word people come up with when they are about to make an objection, some (ass-anine) excuse about why they don’t need to, where once again I have to repeat- it doesn’t matter to ME, only to THEM. We are all robots in a virtual reality whose purpose is to wake up and know who we really are. I just say, ‘stay a robot if you wish’. It’s not for me to choose for anyone but me. But I don’t feel right about not giving others a chance, where I would not have got here if it weren’t for others, the sum of all the others I learned the truth from, step by step all the way. And the truth came through experiences, just living, just following my path wherever it led, as I have always been pretty aware of that. 

Since we know from the clues that we are all one, our robot bodies/minds are only illusions, in-divide-you-alls. It’s thought alone which makes us stuck in this illusion, the illusion of a body, a mind, experiencing this fake reality. That’s as far as I have been able to conceptualize and it’s murky. But there is a clue in the word ‘Quantum’ as in Quantum Physics. It means ‘quantity’ and in the scientific sense it specifically means the smallest indivisible quantity of something– which basically is the same thing as saying the ‘whole’, that which cannot be divided. And, so, here we are yet again! Truth can make us whole again, if we simply choose to ‘see’ it.

It kinda felt like I’ve pretty much concluded this for the moment, but there is something I have been looking at recently, and just this moment as I was pondering it, an ad popped up on my twitter page which brought the subject into my thoughts again.  I noticed S.A. stands for Swiss Army and of course we have U.S.A. So, U (Universal Energy/YOU) Swiss Army. ‘Us’ is in there, and USA is also in JerUSAlem and then I see Salem and that means ‘peace’, but is also a place known for witches in Mass. Then ad for a new movie popped up on my page: Solum. Here’s the blurb about it: “A reality show on an inhabited island where eight contestants must fight for their survival becomes more than it appears to be. Solum is not just a game — it’s a test, a selection process, and a mirror that confronts the truth of Nature, with the falsehoods of the Human Race”.  Coincidence? Given we are actually living out movies within movies I don’t think so. And anyway, this sort of thing happens to me constantly. I can think of something and then seconds later it starts trending on Twitter. Yeah, that’s what happens when we lucid dream. Only when you know waking is also dreaming, you can consciously lucid dream in waking life. lucid also interestingly is sound-equivalent with lose-id. You get to lucid dream when you lose- id/i.d. which is also freud’s id/ego. 🙂 

Pla(y)net Earth and its Children of Many Ages, 

A real life/ REEL Life production

by Universal Pictures

“All the World is a Stage and we the players upon it.” – Shakespeare. A play/ A movie. Play is Pray is Prey, the net we are caught in by the pre-daters. The Cronus, usurpers of the throne, of time and space. 

 In the Bible it says:  Deliver the poor and needy: rid them out of the hand of the wicked. They know not, neither will they understand; they walk on in darkness: all the foundations of the earth are out of course. I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High. But ye shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes.

That passage alone says very much. We are all children on this Earth. This is the plane of existence in which we are ALL just in kindergarten, and only those who strive to grow up, to learn and change and take responsibility are going to (but not on this plane) graduate to the next level. That means no longer being childishly self-serving, childishly self-centered, childishly selfish. Easier said than done. But in truth, it is easy; you simply have to want to. Like Peter Pan, you can stay in Never-Never Land, where you will Never ‘fly’ away out of the island of the Lost Boys, or you can choose to grow up.  You can understand ALL Human behaviour simply by using a model of playground dynamics. The grand production is one giant playground. 

What do all children strive for? Acceptance. We are pre- programmed to fear loneliness.(in Scientific terms, we are ‘social’ animals). So it becomes a popularity game to some extent. Some will content themselves with one good best friend. Others vie for position in an ‘acceptable’ group, others still to be the leaders of a group. Playground behaviour has all been so well studied. But here we are using it as allegory of the entire planet. No one really ‘grows up.’ 

Imagine on this playground we have every age from babies in nursery school to University. Doesn’t go any higher than that. Young, old and in between all fit in to this model. The ‘toddlers’ of Earth are all starting to do their pretend play- pretending to be grown up. Mimicking the behaviour of the grown ups around them (no one is actually a grown up, it’s just their perception), because they are so young, feel so little, the others look big and in control and powerful, and they want to BE them. So the best grown ups have plenty money and nice houses, and drive cool cars. “I wanta’ be like him/her..” says the little one. So they play house and enjoy pretending to clean, and cook and go to work, etc. But the older kids on the playground don’t play around the play house and the dolls and cars and such, because they have figured out that grown up stuff is actually work, it’s boring, and they don’t want to do that! They’re convinced that this grown-up status they strive for will come by other means, or they’ve already given up believing they will ever make it.

First playground experiences begin at school. Education is key. Ed for short, which is also E.T. as we see repeatedly, refering to our origins as Extra-Terrestrial. E-jew-Ca-shun. Jews are Hebrews and in Hebrew there is no ‘J’ it’s Yew which is a magical tree, and is also You, once again bringing it back to You, or US, ‘our’ education is Us’Ed, we are used goods, bought and sold or bot and soul’ed/et. The ascended masters of the universe are the ass-ended mast-ur’s, or the sails, or the sales from UR, that ancient city where ET’s manufactured the first humans, where the Jews came from. 

So when one achieves success on this giant playground, or suck cess (as in cess-pool, underground sewerage), they throw the obligatory grand party, bigger the better to show everyone they’ve ‘made it’, but even more importantly, to make it clear who is in charge of the playground in their particular circle. Let’s have fun everyone. Etymologically fun means to make a fool out of, or to act foolishly, silly. Yeah, it’s a grand gesture/jester. All a big clown/crown act.

Of course on every playground there are bullies. At best you’ll have a group of snobs who simply won’t engage on any real level with outsiders. Often though you get out and out bullies. You can learn so much about yourself by using this model and looking back at how you were through the years on the various sorts of school playgrounds you played parts upon and gauging how much and in which ways you have ‘grown up’ since then. Many don’t at all, just transfer the old behaviours into new, more ‘grown-up looking’ scenes. 

I’m jumping ahead a little here but will back up and fill in… as continually happens, in the process of writing this, which of course is all taking shape first in my head and then I later write it down, I come across an article in the newspaper that coincides perfectly in an allegorical and anagogic sense: “The universe is expanding at a far greater rate than scientists once thought, making the earth much younger.” These ‘coincidences’ happen to everyone, some even see them sometimes and call it ‘just a coincidence’ and giggle then forget about it. They are missing the clues we all get to show us there is a grand design at play here. 

Now how that article connects specifically- in this Universal Pictures production, Uni- verse- all, regardless of how far one literally goes in education, university is the highest level spiritually, and few actually make it there, fewer still who come close to graduation day, which is when you get to go ‘Home’ (just to make it clear if it isn’t, I’m refering to the anagogic ‘Home’). 

Uni = One, that’s staring us right in the face. Verse = lines in a poem or story, so you gotta get your lines right, practice makes perfect, acting on this stage! The word ‘verse’ original meaning is ‘to turn around.’ And to break it down further using phonics decoding key: ver = ‘truth’ and se = Creation. Universe = One Truth Creation. I.T. is Intelligence Technology, just to take it further, into the ‘future’ as previously stated, so University = One Truth Creation Intelligence Technology. That’s where you find YOU. the U in the Universe. 

Children are all about instant gratification. They not only want, but want it now. And they want it their way. Not what is good for them, only what they like. The only exceptions are children ‘behaving good’ because they learned to please the (perceived) adults for the rewards of pats on back, approval… and it’s often another means to getting treats. So older kids get jobs to get the treats, and to get the approval of their boss and get even more treats. Yes, WE are ALL children and so this is not to put you down personally as I did it too until the point I decided to only work for what I need, with any treats being welcomed surprises, but not my original intention. That is me deciding I was ready to get off the playground, that’s all. We can only do that when we are ready. And only those who are even aware that they are getting ready for something in the first place since most are of course blind to it all. So the play net is a mess and it’s like Mum and Dad have gone out and the children have no idea where they are so it’s play time while the parents are away, trash the house, take all the treats they can get their hands on, throw the rubbish on the floor! So the Scientists have set the ‘Doomsday Clock’ at 2 minutes to midnight. Geologically speaking, mum and dad are due home in 2 minutes and the kids haven’t got a chance in hell of cleaning the mess up before they get here- things have been irreparably damaged. The naughty kids are about to set fire to the house and everyone inside has so little chance of escaping it. 

This phonics decoding, you can do it with any word, letter or number you want to, to lift the veil and see beyond the literal physical world/ the litter all phys-si-cull whirreled, the fake, the false, over to the flip side to know what’s real in this movie reel. Truth Israel, it really is. That’s when you decide you’re ready for University. No one can tell you when you’re ready, only you. And of course there are plenty of University students who are just stewed ants/minds and continue to play like the younger kids, thinking they can just clean up by Monday morning in time for class. Maybe a little late, maybe a little hungover and maybe they will miss a very important lesson. yeah, made it to University- then fucked it up. So those who get their Degrees/Dee Cree’s (cree = Creation) entry into the next level, whatever that actually means (don’t know, not there yet!) are the ones who can, as the Bible quote goes: “When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things. – 1 Corinthians 13:11” (and the numbers of the verse are significant, but I won’t go into that as I’ve not even touched on the numbers!)

I can conclude with another video, a quick one. It’s kind of going full circle, back to the beginning when I said there will always be those who think they can tell you how to become enlightened, including the New Age ‘Let’s all just think positive’ types. Nothing wrong with thinking positive, and to reiterate there is nothing more positive than knowing the truth and following your path towards knowing yourself. But positive thinking alone, without taking into account the duality, and uncovering the truth hidden in plain sight, won’t get you far. Everything this particular Scientist- kid on the playground says in this video uses quantum physics to validate much of what we’ve uncovered through phonics decoding. It simply falls far short.  Still videos like these appeal to our child selves seeking entertainment! And he’s right: “We are not in this body, we are spirit being broadcast to this body… this is a virtual reality suit.” I hadn’t seen this or anything like it before writing this. Another coincidence. I don’t buy into all the garbage, just extract the messages, like reading signs, whether it is in an info video, a news headline, a Twitter trend #, a dream I had, wherever and however it presents, esp if it’s a message I’ve seen repeatedly. I watch for how it all connects up between all the different things which come into my reality from moment to moment. It’s being awake, aware, paying attention. 

This grand production is a dream state in which we are trying to ‘remember’ who we are: REM (dream state) ember (fire, which is corresponding to the fornix of the brain)– remember we are fire, light, pure energy. Rever = to dream in French, Se = Creation. Reverse = go back and dream Creation. We are dreaming all things into Reality by remembering, remembering who we are, going back to the Source of our Creation, Home. Everything is a paradox, so growing up means going back to the True Child. ‘CH’ is also phonetically ‘K’ and so Child = Kil(led)… kil and Chill are the same root word etymologically, both mean Cold and so we have a further reference to Ice/IS, ISIS, or what IS just IS. That’s also the number 15, but once again not going to get into numbers, I’ll leave you to explore that further. This is only a starting point. Welcome Home!

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